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Peter Vass

Peter is a filmmaker living in Los Angeles, CA where he writes, directs, and edits feature films, short films, and commercials. His love for the camera has seeped into his passion for traveling the world. He began creating video content while traveling and editing together travel videos which has led to creating commercials for companies abroad like Osa Wild in Costa Rica. Viewing the world through a lens has helped his filmmaking skills and has given him yet another reason to travel.


Although he loves traveling anywhere, he prefers visiting places with natural beauty and loves hiking, camping, and being out in nature. Some of his favorite destinations have been New Zealand, Greece, Peru, Costa Rica, Iceland and Ireland.

Peter's Top 10 Bucket List

1. African Safari
2. Patagonia, Chile/Argentina
3. Angkor Wat, Cambodia
4. The Great Pyramids, Egypt
5. Taj Mahal, India
6. The Great Wall of China
7. Milford Sound, New Zealand
8. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
9. Cape Town, South Africa
10. Tokyo, Japan
Favorite Destination
Greece / New Zealand

Favorite City
Barcelona, Spain

Favorite Food
Italian / Greek

Favorite National Park
Redwood National Park, California, USA

Favorite Hike
Salkantay Trek, Peru

Favorite Place to Photograph

Favorite Place to Visit Again
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